Tuesday, February 16, 2010

How to Create Static Pages in Blogger

Blogger had launched a new feature to blogger recently i.e., adding static pages to blogger. This powerful feature as in wordpress is now added to blogger.Now, let us  see how to Create Static Pages in Blogger.

Step 1 :- Sign into Blogger Draft (draft.blogger.com)

Step 2 :- Click on New Post option(i.e.,  new post in blogger draft)

Step 3 :- Select  Edit Pages from the top menu

Step 4 :- Click on New Page button.

Step 5 :-  Now, Give the Title - Write Content- Publish it

Step 6 :-  Now, Select the display position of the page in your blog

Important Note: If You have selected either Blog Sidebar or Blog Tabs option and if you see any bx-error,   then, come back to last page and select No Gadget option.
It mean that ,you have to add the links manually to your blogger template.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Download Adsense Secrets Version 4 Ebook

Today, I would like to share an Adsense Secrets version 4 Ebook. Its a long ebook but having an efficient content in it. I enjoyed while reading the book

Here is the Download Copy , Click Here To Download

Little Tool To Update your Blog Posts in Search Engines ( Google )

This is a little tool I got while browsing the net and it is said that it makes web pages stay fresh in the search engines, gets some nice backlinks automatically and drives a ton of traffic to my sites automatically. Today, I am sharing this tool with you.

Download Tool : Click Here To Download

Basically what it does is that every time a visitor hits a site with this code, it uses their IP to ping to blog search engines about that page. Because it uses their IP is does not get your site blacklisted in anyway and works incredibly well.

This actually saves a ton of time for promoting your site and creates a nice automated cyclical promotion stream. The more visitors your site the more it gets spread across the net. It also is 100% safe from proxies and possibilities of getting banned from ping services, since every ping comes from the visitor not from your server.

It was also said that the tools adds in some ping limiting so you can throttle back the pings per IP and limit the number of times a link is promoted. Not only that, it has a little counter built in so you can see how many times a link has been pinged.

Download Tool : Click Here To Download

Tips to Boost Up Your Google Adsense Revenue

1 – Make sure the ads that are appearing on your site are closely related with your content. That means the all vertisements are related to your site.

2 – Use main Keyword or theme of yours in the title. Write keyword rich content in your blog. Y can use keywords in the content 1-3 times . Make those keywords Underlined or Bold.

3 – Use HTML Heading Tag H1 or H2 as your content title of the page and put your keyword in it. This tag should be placed at the beginning of your content.

4 – If your page have some pictures or data using table format then Use wide ads (336×280, 300×250 or 250×250). Because these are the best performing ads.

5 – If your page have more verticles links then you can use links format and should be use border as same as the color of the page.

6 – (Very Important)The back ground of the ads should be same as of the background of the page or pages.

7 – Read and Follow the AdSense rules – NEVER click your own ads or ask someone else too.

8 – Filter out irrelevant ads . You have an option to filter irrelavant ads in your adsense account

9 – Monitor your earnings and performance regularly.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

New Orkut | Orkut redesigned to attract Users

Due to unbelievable success of Facebook, Google had to take efficient measures to be competitive and renewed design to its social networking website.

Despite the fact of unpopularity for the latest few months the site will have many of visible changes in the appearance. The updated re-design of Orkut is made based on Google Web Toolkit (GWT) infrastructure. Users will have an opportunity to find friends directly, they will be able to talk via video chat which is interconnected with Google Talk. It will help the users to download the pictures in the most quickly way, give the opportunity to moderate pictures on-line and it provides an interactive activity stream for users.

The activity streamed functions as a status message update in terms of Twitter and Facebook. It has the option similar to the Facebook such as comments. Moreover it also has some additional applications and video testimonials.

As previous avatar of Orkut was insecure, the new version is considered to be much safer and, moreover mobile versions will be altered for the iPhone, S60 and J2ME platforms. It is also expected that Orkut will cooperate with other Google services, i.e. “Google bar”. It enables quick access to other Google services.

It decide to select few users in order they could use the new Orkut. As a result new selected users are able to invite others to experience the new Orkut. It provides a community for those users who want to take a preview of the new version.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

How to make money with adsense | Adsense Money making stratagies

Step 1 :---

Use websites that proposal Adsense revenue-sharing. Blogger is a place where you can set up limitless blogs and place Adsense and other ads if you want to. There are other sites as well, like Xomba and Associated Content that part in Adsense revenue in exchange for your articles and other gist.

Step 2:---

Choose high-paying keywords and keyword phrases. Some keywords and phrases value more than others. If you optimize your contents for superior-paying terms, you will get more money every time superstar clicks on a related ad.

Step 3:---

Get visitors to your website. The more people you can get to your place, the more money you will make. You can get more visitors by writing content that people want to read. If you’re interesting, other sites may network to your articles and blog posts. Join forums and put a linkage to your contents in your forum signature. If you are interesting and have interested satisfied, visitors will come.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Google Adsense Banned ? Top Reasons for termination of adsense account

Many adsense banned users say " My account got terminated what may be the reason?." Some adsense users ask me what should be done for not to get banned from google adsense. So, Here I am giving some Reasons for getting banned , and what should be done for not to get banned

1) Multiple accounts – Adsense allows only one account with a particular address and a role name. So never try to show compound accounts with your name, you will only get banned.

2) Modifying the system – The JavaScript code that you use for displaying Ads, Links or Search Results must be same as, provided by Google.

3) Modifying Google queries - If you are displaying Google hunt box on your web page, than don’t improve or filter the queries generated from the Search Box. And pursuit queries must originate from individual users inputting records into a Search Box.

4) Promoting AdSense Referrals - To use the Google AdSense Referrals testify, you have to instigate Referral Buttons on your web page. Nevertheless never promote that referral occasion by any other means.

5) Displaying ads on pages that have look alike ads – Any other advertisement/substance on the web page should not be same as Google advertisement. It’s because the end abuser may get bamboozle with Google ads.

6) Disclosing Google Confidential Information – You should not divulge the click-through rates and other statistics that you get from Adsense report. Nevertheless you can unveil your total payment amount.

7) Clicking on your own ads – This is one of the Prime reasons behind account termination. Google forever monitors IP address of the end addict, so never try this habit.

8) Fraudulent means to cause more clicks – Asking friends to click on your ads, union click exchange sites, giving incentives to click on ads, with robots or other automated query tools or unauthorized use of quest engine optimization services will only significance in termination of your Adsense account.

9) Modifying the Ads – You should not improve, truncate or change the order of information limited inside any Ad.

10) Modifying the display page – The web page reached by the client after clicking on an Ad should be displayed in broad and completed behavior.

11) Displaying Ads on Illegal locate – The website on which you are displaying Google Ads that should not repress any pornographic, loathe-linked, violent, or dishonest contented.

12) Using Ads on other than your website – You should only start Ads, Links on your own web locate or blogs.

13) Redirecting addict away from advertiser page – The end client must reach the same page free through Ads from your place, as he could have access by available straight to the Advertiser Page. So, don’t intersperse any content between the Ad and the Advertiser Page

14) Not having sufficient official clicks – If your web site fails to spawn sufficient number of legal clicks on Google Ads for two months, than Google can end your account without any discern.

15) Devaluating Google’s reputation – You should not placement any clause in your website or in other forums that devalues Google’s reputation. This is a betrayal of the language and conditions.


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